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The emotion of a solution dedicated to your well-being

Heraclia Pavimenti, a point of reference.

In Eraclea, in the hinterland of the Venice lagoon, a few kilometers from the sea, there is a company which, despite a fairly recent history and a size that we could define as “average”, has carved out an important space and role for itself Alone
in its own territory of reference, but also at national level.

We are talking about the Heraclia floors, the company that it isawarded the 2011 edition of the Confindustria Ceramica Distributor Awards.

A fairly recent story, we said. The Barzan family, originally engaged in the laying business, in 1990 decided to try their hand at the sale and distribution of floor and wall coverings, also combining it with a specialized laying gained from the great experience acquired in the sector by its owners over many years of activity.

“Our business was born from the union between a strong desire for renewal and experimentation in a sector that is new to us such as sales, and our previous experience, which was in the field of installation. In a short time we managed to conquer a large slice of the market, making concrete and consolidating the affirmation of our company and positioning ourselves in the construction field “supplies and laying of floors and walls” as one of the major expanding realities.

Ceramic, therefore, in all its variations and possibilities of use: for interiors, exteriors, bathrooms, sanitary fixtures, floors, coverings. Ceramics, Heraclia’s true core business, so much so as to cover 70% of its turnover. And the ceramics in Heraclia are Italian. Exclusively.

“We have always made a precise choice regarding our suppliers – and our choice has been directed to Italian products. Not only for quality issues, where made in Italy is unrivaled in the world, but also because it allows us to achieve greater efficiency in the services we offer: dealing with Italian companies in the first place allows us to deal with any problems more effective and rapid way, being able to deal with those who speak our same language; secondly, it offers us greater guarantees in terms of service and quality’”.

All of this finds a worthy location in the Heraclia showroom: 2,000 square meters of exhibition space distributed over two floors. The new showroom was designed and built to give a “voice” to the evolution that time has brought in the tastes and needs of the market and, therefore, also in our offer. Over the years, the exposure and quantity of the material on display have changed and today our showroom reproduces real settings surrounded by multiple bathroom and sanitary furnishing solutions, with more than five hundred types of floors on display and a very wide variety of products intended for wellness, as well as of fireplaces and stoves. In short, we can afford to offer all the latest generation materials and for all tastes.

Beyond the quality of products and service, what has been decisive for the success of this company is the family dimension. “Heraclia is precisely a company that sees family members directly involved in operational management, from sales to administration, from the warehouse to shipments. The workforce is completed by the presence of another 30 people, a dynamic and close-knit team committed to always giving the maximum day by day. Our priority remains the satisfaction of the customer who sees us committed every day to consolidate the prestige and success achieved over the years of activity in the sector.



siamo un'azienda che da oltre 30 anni si occupa di Arredo Bagno e Rivestimenti selezionati accuratamente per assicurarvi un Design esclusivo ed una qualità assoluta.


Il nostro staff è in grado di consigliarvi le migliori soluzioni per le vostre necessità ed aiutarvi ad orientarvi nel grande assortimento che siamo in grado di offrirvi all'interno del nostro punto vendita - show room.


Ci trovate in Via Fausta 79/a ad Eraclea VE
Telefono +39 0421 232209
Fax +39 0421 231559


“The value of the service offered by a company is also measured in the ability to provide quality assistance to its customers. Heraclia puts all the experience and professional skills of its technical-commercial staff at your disposal. A group of competent people available to assist you in any request or information. “

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